Thursday, 8 June 2017

Creatures of the deep

WALT we are learning to write a moment in time

Creatures of the deep

Woosh, I fall off the boat and into the swirling, deep, dark and terrifying waters I feel suddenly extremely cold. I need to get to the boat! I try swim to the surface but the suction is extremely strong.

Then suddenly, one of the octopus’s long arms come up from beneath me and I fly out of the water and into the air. A
aaahh I am rapidly falling downwards. I hear the octopus’s arms thrashing against the water.
I wonder to myself am I going to get out of the water alive.

Then from above I hear a chopper flying over the water. I try to keep my head above the water so that the helicopter can see me.

I see something being lowered out of the helicopter. I grab onto it and I get hauled in. I thank the people on board. I am so happy I made it out of the water alive.

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