Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Term 1 2014 Written Language

WALT write a timed recount about a time when we did something special with our whanau or family.
Write about:
·      when and where you did something special
·      who was with you
·      what you did (think about the order you did things)
·      how you felt and why you felt this way.

By Hannah Wallace

When I was five, my family and I went to Bealey in the school holidays. It took us three hours to get there. When we got there we had to find where we were going to stay. We stayed there for three days. The second day we were there, we went down to a near river. Beside the river there were lots of stones. I picked up a really heavy stone and threw it into the big river. For dinner and breakfast I had scrambled eggs.

Next steps
Write a few more details with some describing words to create that picture in the mind of the reader.

Remember to finish with a personal response.

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